The NoraSector UI

  1. Section that contains list of channels currently tuned.
  2. Copy a link to NoraSector with your list of currently tuned channels to share.
  3. The Priority checkbox, if selected, audio on this channel will always have precedence over any other current audio. Channels highlighted in orange indicate that the channel is the source of the current audio playing.
  4. Trash can button removes a channel from the currently tuned list.
  5. Recordings for the channel. The numeric values indicate how long ago that transmission began. Warmer colors indicate recency.
  6. The bullhorn icon indicates that there is currently active conversation on the channel. The channel highlighted in orange is the active speaking channel.
  7. The active channels list shows channels that are currently active or have had recent activity. Channels with a bullhorn icon are currently speaking.
  8. The orange areas indicate a tuned channel that is currently active.
  9. The green areas on the map indicate that it contains channels that are currently tuned.
  10. The dark blue areas indicate that this area has activity, but is not currently tuned.
  11. The light blue areas are jurisdictional boundaries but no associated channels have activity.
  12. The red map markers indicate active incidents.
  13. The blue map markers indicate closed incidents.
  14. The top right indicator shows which channel is currently speaking. When it's orange, it means there is audio playing.

Additional FAQs

  • NoraSector uses the WebRTC protocol over UDP to stream audio. Your device must be able to connect to a STUN server and send and receive UDP packets to NoraSector. We currently offer no TCP relay for data. NoraSector has been tested to work with even commodity VPNs on a cellular connection.

  • There may still be bugs that cause the app to work incorrectly. Most issues can be fixed by refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, try clearing all browser data for the app website ( or in your browser console, type

    to clear the local data the app saved.

  • If you do experience a bug, please send a report. Please try to include the following information with your report:

    • Device make and model
    • Browser and version
    • As much as you know about your network configuration (ISP, WiFi/cellular, on VPN or not, etc.)
    • A description of what the behavior you're experiencing is and what you expect
    • Any steps to reproduce
    • Any screenshots or screen recordings that you may find relevant