About NoraSector

NoraSector was built to solve a personal problem I had: how do I listen to my trunking radio scanner from anywhere, with a latency comparable to a physical radio?

There's always something going on in Seattle. I enjoy hearing up-to-the-second information about what's going on around me, but having to carry around a bulky radio scanner is usually not an option. When I'm out and about and hear sirens going by, I want to know what's going on as quickly as possible. Web-based platforms offer limited access to streams, and often with a delay that makes them unusable.

NoraSector was built to be the software I want to use as a consumer of public safety radio. It was built to my own exacting specifications, with a relentless focus on latency. I realized that making something that supported what I wanted could be relatively easily scaled to many users, and decided to package it as an app available to anyone.

NoraSector's vision is to bring an amazing listening experience to everyone.

-- Adam Argo, developer


If you have any feedback on NoraSector, such as bug reports or feature requests, feel free to email me.